Grandmaster Mazzaferro is a teacher of teachers as well as novice students. He is patient and compassionate, never condescending to those of us who don’t quite get it the first time, or the first thousand times! I highly recommend him for anyone who is truly interested in advancing in the martial arts, or simply enjoying and understanding the many benefits of Tai Chi taught from a ground-up perspective. Understanding the meanings and applications behind the movements is something few ever divulge to students. His explanations are concise and totally comprehensible, even to those who have had no training whatsoever. Personally, he has helped me fill in many gaps in my own training and has given me insights into my own art that are so rarely explained and demonstrated. Tom is a selfless master artist who thinks only of the good he can do and the people he can help along the way. He is a rare find. I am proud to call him my teacher.

Grandmaster Craig MacDonald, Glens Falls Tae Kwon Do

Tom Mazzaferro is a master of his art. He is also a master at sharing it in a way that makes you want to be in his class for life.  After 15 years I hope I have only just begun.

David B.

He is a dedicated professional with an encyclopedic knowledge of both arts.  Committed to passing his knowledge onto others, he constantly strives for perfection for himself and his students.  Grand Master Mazzaferro is a traditionalist who demonstrates the practical application of every technique.  Weather it be basic kicks, punches and blocks or complex Tae Kwon Do or Taiji patterns, Grand Master Mazzaferro’s teaching style encourages students to believe that they can accomplish far more then they initially thought possible.  His warm personality and gentle manner make everyone that he works with feel that they are an important part of his family.

I can honestly say that without his guidance and encouragement I would have never continued in the martial arts for 25 years.

Shelby Wafer
6th Degree Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do

Halcyon Tai Chi

I am a beginner student of senior years at Halcyon Tai Chi where I've been going for about 10 months. I started classes for health reasons due to lower back pain and numbness in one leg. Both symptoms are long gone. I credit Tom's extensive knowledge and relaxed teaching style. Tom teaches both sides of the Tai Chi art - health and martial (self-defense). He also puts on free, occasional Saturday workshops to focus on particular Tai Chi forms. Anyone interested in Tai Chi would be lucky to have him as their teacher.


Life enhancing movement taught by an exceptional instructor. Some sports, exercise or other activities are useful in one way or another, but the Halcyon Tai Chi class encompasses intentional, meditative, physical and psychological challenge that I find fun and inspiration. And this IS martial arts so includes striking, blocking and kicking for self-defense. Tom, the instructor, cares greatly about his students, provides videos, written information and offers an additional weekend class now and then to bolster your practice. I am in my 50's with aches to prove it and I was insecure about attending, but turns out I am capable and am feeling benefits. The 1st month is free and after that the monthly cost for one class per week is $50, whereas I am taking 8 classes at $80 per month. Obviously, I love it!

​Deirdre Pangle

Some comments from those

who know me best!

Shifu Mazzaferro is dedicated to his art and his students. He cares about people and teaches in a clear manner with lots of examples. He has an excellent grasp of taiji theory and martial applications. I highly recommend him .

Sal Casano PhD RN