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​Want to learn Yang Style Tai Chi?

Halcyon Tai Chi

My name is Tom Mazzaferro. I am a martial arts grandmaster, a certified instructor with the W.T.B.A. (World Taiji Boxing Association) and have been teaching for more than forty years. I do in person classes outdoors at The Crossings of Colonie as well as in person in my private studio and virtual classes via Skype.

Though I do not teach in a commercial location any longer, I still accept students.  You can even get started for free.  But, there is a catch!  You must be willing to work outdoors, even through the winter!  I am offering classes at the Crossings of Colonie on Saturday mornings.  You need to dress appropriately for the conditions.  It’s really not that difficult.  The exact location can vary but after the snow falls, classes will generally be under the giant gazebo.  Believe it or not, conditions are often quite pleasant, especially if there is good sunshine and you are prepared.  

If you decide that what I do is right for you, I will consider having you train with me and my other students in my private studio.  There will then be a cost of $75 per month.  You can see pictures if you click on the gallery page.  You can feel free to contact me if you have any questions.