A typical month will include anywhere from 24 to 30 hours of available class time. I will post a new schedule every month. It is subject to temporary change based on my other commitments. 

What is the cost after the free period?

​Want to learn Yang Style Tai Chi?

If you decide to keep taking classes after the free period, the cost is $50 per month! I am able to offer that very low price because I no longer have a monthly rent cost! For that low price, you will receive what I believe to be the best most comprehensive Tai Chi training available in this area. Other brick and mortar schools will charge much more.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site!

You have come to the right place. My name is Tom Mazzaferro. I am a martial arts grandmaster, a certified instructor with the W.T.B.A. (World Taiji Boxing Association) and have been teaching for more than forty years. I do in person classes outdoors at The Crossings of Colonie and many virtual classes via Skype.

Getting started is pretty easy and it's Free! All you need to do is go to my contact page and let me know that you want to get started! I will then get you going with free pre recorded video lessons. You can also check out my regular class schedule. It includes virtual (Skype) as well as in person classes at The Crossings of Colonie. Yes, we train outdoors all year long! There will be no charge to new students until we decide that what I do and what I teach is right for you! If you attend Skype and/or in person classes regularly, we can usually decide in about a month or so!

What you should know about the class schedule?

Can you learn "real" Tai Chi from my classes?

How can you get started?

Yes, absolutely! If you have the desire, if you attend class, if you practice and if you are willing to learn, I will teach you and guide you.

Halcyon Tai Chi