Halcyon Tai Chi
   AKA Tai Chi University

I am martial arts Grand Master Tom Mazzaferro and have been teaching for nearly 40 years.  I am also a certified instructor for the WTBA (World Taiji Boxing Association).  If you are looking to learn “real” Tai Chi, you have come to the right place.  I do not advertise or market myself to get new students.  But, I will always accept them.  So, if you are here reading this, you either did an Internet search or someone recommended me to you.

Getting started with your Tai Chi training is very easy!  All you need to do is have a look at my schedule and let me know when I should expect you.  I will then email you some basic information with directions, etc.  Once you get started, you will receive a “FREE” month of training.  After that, there is absolutely no obligation, no questions asked and no sales pitch should you decide not to continue.

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